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Staffing agencies offer services to advertise, interview, and evaluate potential employees for employers. Basically, they are an outsourced recruitment division for your company. They handle all of the benefits associated with the candidates they hire including taxes, payroll, worker's compensation and other benefits, reducing overhead costs for employers.


Staffing agencies find, evaluate, and match temporary and direct hire job seekers with employers every day. Because this is the primary role of the business, they are highly experienced in understanding the dynamics of job seekers and employers and can skillfully identify the right candidate for the right position. Let's explore the advantages of using a staffing agency for your recruitment needs.


Save Time & Resources

Staffing agencies are an extension of your current HR department. Hiring a new employee requires a great deal of time that your hiring managers may not have. Contracting a staffing agency allows your HR team to focus on the current needs of the department and not have to worry about sifting through hundreds of resumes, updating listings, and scheduling interviews.


Furthermore, staffing agencies specialize in temporary recruitment. So if your company is in need of an extra set of hands immediately, they have candidates that are available on a moment's notice. Temporary resources can help ease the workload of your current employees and can be relieved once the project is completed.


Save Money

As stated earlier, staffing agencies relieve some of the costs associated with hiring staff. Along with taxes, payroll, worker's comp and other benefits, the agency also eliminates the costs of listing jobs and the cost associated with the time it would take your internal hiring manager to recruit new staff. All of those expenses add up and can affect the budget of your company. Save the money and use a staffing agency who can do all the work for you for a minimal fee.


Save the Worry

Staffing agencies recruit and hire everyday! It's simply what they do best. So you don't have to worry about unqualified candidates stepping in to do the job. They have a very rigorous evaluation process that assures employers the most qualified candidate is hired for the job. Most staffing agencies are specialists in certain areas like administrative staffing or legal staffing. Therefore, they are in tune to the needs of the client and the skills that are necessary for the right candidate.


So save time, money and the frustration with hiring and consider a staffing agency. We're very good at what we do!

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